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I am a regular contributor to Capital & Main. I have been been a regular feature reporter for A&U magazine since 2000, and a regular contributor for DeSmog s and Deutsche Welle since 2015. I have contributed to ATTN:, Wired, Yahoo News,, The Advocate, Marijuana Venture, and The Fight. My beats include social justice, environment and energy, health and public policy, business and economy, and the arts.

Below are a few of my favorite recent pieces.

Social justice and entertainment

Actress Kate Shindle, Ambassador of Care. From A&U magazine, April 2017.



Eric Leonardos Uses His Celebrity to Give Back. From A&U magazine, September 2017.



Violence against LGBTs in Russia prompts violinist to come out. From The Fight magazine, June 2017.




Energy and environment


How politics and pollution could push China into climate leader role. From DeSmog, January 2017.


Oxnard wants its beach back. From Capital & Main, June 2017.



The electric road to zero emissions has hit a gas pocket. From Capital & Main, October 2017.


U.S. Marines re-home desert tortoises. From Deutsche Welle, May 2017.




Business and economy


Attorney General’s memo leaves cannabis industry in the weeds. From International Business Times, January 2018



Women take their place in cannabis industry. From Marijuana Venture, October 2016.


How the GOP tax bill would hurt Californians. From Capital & Main, November 2017


The arts


White Walls: How Art AIDS America exhibition exposed institutional racism in art world. From A&U, June 2016.




Health and public policy

Las Vegas gets syringe vending machines. From ATTN:, May 2017.


Safe(r) Spaces: Supervised injection facilities coming to the U.S. From A&U, May 2016.


Detention facilities can be hazardous to health. From ATTN:, May 2017.







When the government deports someone, this is what happens to their stuff. From ATTN:, May 2017.