Print and Online

I have been been a regular feature reporter for A&U magazine since 2001, and a regular contributor for DeSmog since 2015 and Deutsche Welle since 2016. I have also contributed to Capital&Main, ATTN:, Wired, Yahoo News,, The Advocate, Marijuana Venture, and The Fight. My beats include environment, energy, health and public policy, general business and the arts.

Below are a few of my favorite recent pieces.

Social justice and entertainment

Actress Kate Shindle, Ambassador of Care. From A&U magazine, April 2017.




Energy and environment


How Politics and Pollution Could Push China Into Climate Leader Role. From DeSmog, January 2017.

Oxnard Wants Its Beach Back. From Capital&Main, June 2017.




Biodiversity and conservation

U.S. Marines re-home desert tortoises. From Deutsche Welle, May 2017.





The business of cannabis


Women Take Their Place in Cannabis Industry. From Marijuana Venture, October 2016.


The arts


White Walls: How Art AIDS America exhibition exposed institutional racism in art world. From A&U, June 2016.




Health and public policy

Las Vegas gets syringe vending machines. From ATTN:, May 2017.







When the government deports someone, this is what happens to their stuff. From ATTN:, May 2017.