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I have been been a regular feature reporter for A&U magazine for 16 years, and a regular contributor for DeSmog since 2015. I have also reported for Deutsche Welle, Wired, Yahoo News,, The Advocate, Marijuana Venture, and The Fight. My beats include environment, energy, health and infectious diseases, politics and public policy, general business and the arts.

Below are a few of my favorite recent pieces.

Social justice and entertainment

Actress Kate Shindle, Ambassador of Care. From A&U magazine, April 2017.


Connecting the dots with activist, comedian and legislator Tom Ammiano. From A&U magazine, February 2017.




Hawaii swapping Big Sugar for green sugar. From Deutsche Welle, April 2017.


Energy and environment

Chevron, Aera Sue to Block Voter-Approved Fracking Ban. From DeSmog, March 2017.

Environmentalists Cite Irreparable Harm to Halt Mariner East 2 Pipeline. From DeSmog, February 2017.



How Politics and Pollution Could Push China Into Climate Leader Role. From DeSmog, January 2017.


BLM Slammed For Downplaying Threats From Fracking in CA – Again. From Desmog, January 2017.


Critics call Sabal Trail pipeline Florida’s DAPL. From DeSmog, November 2016. pumpingwater


Sunoco claims eminent domain to seize land for pipeline. From DeSmog, August 2016.anti-fracking-protest-philadelphia-pennsylvania-july2016_credit-suzanne-bobosky_1000



Burned by slow response to lead polluter, Los Angeles community takes matters into its own hands. From DeSmog, May 2016.


Neighbors decry rush to open Aliso Canyon natural gas storage facility. From DeSmog, April 2016.


What killed Nevada’s solar industry? From DeSmog, May 2016.


Students preach renewable energy, get politics lesson. From Deutsche Welle, July 2016. 19410258_303

Oil companies cheat oil field workers out of millions in wages. From DeSmog blog, June 2016.


Environment and urban planning

LA Lions To Roam Over Freeway. From Deutsche Welle, January 2017.


Health and entertainment

AIDS Stories Matter – SAG/AFTRA panel, From A&U magazine, December 2016.


The business of cannabis

Women Take Their Place in Cannabis Industry. From Marijuana Venture, October 2016.web-yami-by-sharon-letts


The arts

White Walls: How Art AIDS America exhibition exposed institutional racism in art world. From A&U, June 2016.tac-die-in

Remembering Robert Mapplethorpe. From A&U magazine, June 2016. self-255x300

Art AIDS America touches the art world’s third rail. From A&U, August, 2015.
Photo Ark Captures Animal Diversity. From Deutsche Welle Global Ideas, October 2016. 36085549_303


Tony Kushner: Angels at 20. The celebrated playwright reflects on the legacy of Angels in America, AIDS, politics, and where we are now.


Real Women Have Curves. The late actress Lupe Ontiveros talked about Latino homophobia and making it as an unconventional beauty.


Health and public policy

prepping-rig-web Safe(r) Spaces: Supervised injection facilities coming to the U.S. From A&U, May 2016.


Cincinnati Exchange Project offers needles and hope for harm reduction. From A&U, December, 2015.

Mind the Gaps. New federal program aims to cover more hep C patients. From A&U, December, 2015.

Red State Blues. Activists demand needle exchange programs to combat hepatitis crisis in rural America. From A&U, July, 2015.

PREP School. Finding doctors who understand Truvada takes work. From A&U, July, 2015.

What’s the Matter with Indiana? The IV drug crisis leads to a spike in HIV and HCV in the heartland. From A&U, June, 2015.


Do One Thing. Community-based outreach links people to hepatitis testing and care. From A&U, June, 2015.

Condoms and corrections. California’s controversial new law to provide safer-sex tools to prisoners. From A&U, March, 2015.

Blood simple. Facing pressure, the FDA changes its blood ban policy… but just a little. From A&U, January, 2015.

Hepatitis care cascade. A new focus on cascade of care seeks to expand screening & treatment for HCV. A&U, November 2014.

The price of zero. Drug policies in former Soviet republics like Georgia are spiking HIV and HCV rates. A&U, August, 2014.

Business and career

Six ways to make a recruiter hate you.

Newest professions, growing salaries. Yahoo Hot Jobs.


Religion and faith

The Closet Jihad. LGBT Muslims reconcile their faith and sexuality.