Health and public policy



Cincinnati Exchange Project offers needles and hope for harm reduction. From A&U, December, 2015.

How gay and bi men could get hep C from sex. From A&U, October, 2017

Mind the gaps. New federal program aims to cover more hep C patients. From A&U, December, 2015.

Red state blues. Activists demand needle exchange programs to combat hepatitis crisis in rural America. From A&U, July, 2015.

PREP school. Finding doctors who understand Truvada takes work. From A&U, July, 2015.

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Do one thing. Community-based outreach links people to hepatitis testing and care. From A&U, June, 2015.

Condoms and corrections. California’s controversial new law to provide safer-sex tools to prisoners. From A&U, March, 2015.

Blood simple. Facing pressure, the FDA changes its blood ban policy… but just a little. From A&U, January, 2015.

Hepatitis care cascade. A new focus on cascade of care seeks to expand screening & treatment for HCV. A&U, November 2014.

The price of zero. Drug policies in former Soviet republics like Georgia are spiking HIV and HCV rates. A&U, August, 2014.